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What type of drive is your h-drive?

It is a network drive.

What letter do we use to represent our hard drive?


What is a drive?

It is storage for electronic/digital information or files.

What are some examples of removable drives?

Flash drives, DVD/CD drives

Where is your c-drive (hard drive) physically located?

It is in the tower located next to your monitor.

What are the 3 reasons your h-drive is a better storage choice than your c-drive?

It is secure, no one else can access it.

It is available anywhere on the network (usd259).

It is backed up nightly.

What type of drive is your Google drive?

Web (Internet) based

What is an advantage to storing items in your Google drive versus your h-drive?

Your Google drive is accessible at home and your h-drive is not.

What is Mrs. Cook's rule about flash drives in her classroom?

Do not use them, unless you have permission.