Shifting Blame Will Not Resolve Our Problems Essay

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Shifting Blame Will Not Resolve Our Problems

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has expressed his deep concern over the faltering peace process in Nepal due to a lack of understanding among political parties in a report presented this month to the Security Council. In his previous report, he had called on Nepali political leaders which amounted to working together to find consensus over governance for the success of the peace process. “There has not been a single prosecution in civilian courts for any of the serious crimes committed during the conflict,” reported said Rhoderick Chalmers, the International Crisis Group’s South Asia Deputy Project Manager. “The culture of impunity that enabled abuses in the first place has remained
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But many key agenda items remain unimplemented or are in a shaky situation. The constitution drafting process has been stalled due to misunderstanding among political parties; cadres of political parties have been found engaged in murders, extortions and intimidation; the land seized by the Maoists during the conflict has not been returned; the Maoists have launched a crusade against the existing government; the terai-centric Mahesh Janadhikar Forum has announced its stir to be started soon as well; impunity has increased.
This is what must have prompted the UN secretary-general to write in his latest report that Nepal’s peace process was in danger. The Nepali leaders, rather than engaging in introspection of their failure and mending their ways, have criticized the secretary-general for stating the obvious and defended their sloppy handling of the peace process and other important matters of national interests and external concerns. The last time the government, as it was reported, even wrote to him labeling his call for consensus as interference in Nepal’s internal affairs.
Not to see anything wrong with themselves and to pass the buck to someone else is engrained in the nature of human beings. But our leaders have taken this several notches up. Through their actions, if not words, they seem to believe that they are infallible and can do no wrong. Even the queen of England should envy our leaders in that respect.
Have our political leaders tried

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