Minustah: UN Peacekeeping Stabilization Mission in Haiti Essay

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The United Nations Peacekeeping stabilization mission I chose is Minustah in Haiti. The purpose and origin of the operation; the country of Haiti had steadily increased in chaos between its citizens and the government bringing the world to attention at the humanitarian travesty’s in the country due to the unstable economy and leadership. Then in 2004 the United Nation stepped in and started the Haitian Stabilization mission called Minustah to aid Haiti.
The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti Minustah was first established on April 30, 2004 by United Nations Security Council Resolution 1542. In 1990 the UN had placed an observation group to help with the Haitian elections, in the election Jean-Bertrand Aristide won in 1991; but
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The number of United Nations peace keepers in Haiti was on a positive decline until 2010 when a devastating earthquake struck the country increasing the need for peacekeepers to the current all-time high of 8,940 military personnel and up to 4,391 police. Thankfully the number of peacekeeping personnel has declined since 2010 which is positive because this data shows how the country has been healing from the tumultuous exile of their president and a devastating earthquake along with the constant natural disasters devastating their economy. October 2010 after the earthquake stuck Haiti it became apparent there was a cholera outbreak which the United Nations is still trying to amend but it is having trouble due to the lack of wealth in the country and the lack of availability to clean water. Financially the United Nations is funding their peacekeeping efforts in Haiti is assessment retrospect of a special account.
The current status of the mission updated as of Feb 28 2014. Financial aspect method of finance is the assessment in retrospect of specific account $576,619,000 was the approved budget for July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014. The current amount of uniformed personnel in Haiti is 8,207. In the most recent news update the cabinet is in a reshuffle the causes of the constant unrest in Haiti is the natural disasters which have consistently hit

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