Levels of Development Affect the Ability to Manage Natural Hazards

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Levels of Development Affect the Ability to Manage Natural Hazards

A natural hazard is an event that occurs without the influence of man. It is an event which contains a level of possible danger. Examples of natural hazards are those such as hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Development and levels of development are locations where the state of developing (expanding) is taking place. Where a city or town is expanding and building more buildings and structural locations. The management of an event is the way in which the event itself is controlled. The two types of natural hazards that I will be discussing in relation to levels of development are hurricanes and earthquakes. This is as
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Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans a developed city on the coast of the United States. As the city is developed, the hurricane was able to cause a big affect and people were not able to manage it too well although many did leave the city in search for a safer location. New Orleans had built a levee to protect the city from a flood but this was not managed well enough to protect the city from the floods that followed the hurricane. Another example of where the levels of development affected the ability to manage a hurricane is Hurricane Wilma when it struck Mexico. As the country is a holiday destination for many, it is developed to attract tourist and not to survive against natural hazards such as hurricanes. As it is built to attract tourist, at the time when the hurricane struck Mexico, many tourist were in the country although they were able to get to a safe location as the Mexican government and the tourist themselves knew about the hurricane. The countries level of development makes it hard for people and the cities to manage hurricanes as they are not developed or designed to manage natural hazards.

Levels of development also affect the ability to manage an earthquake, although the development of the buildings maybe able to be managed. In some countries and cities, the level of development on some buildings and structures is designed so that when an

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