Hazard Mitigation Tools and Techniques: Strategies Applied in Forsyth County

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Hazard mitigation is “any action taken to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to human life and property from natural hazards”. Natural hazards are naturally occurring events that can threaten lives and property. Examples of natural hazards include: fire, hurricanes, storm surges, high winds, tornadoes, heavy rain, waterspouts, floods, severe thunderstorms, hail storms, lightning storms, drought, heat wave, fog, Nor’easters, severe winter weather, snowstorms, blizzards, freezing rain, wind chill, and extreme cold. There will always be some level of risk of natural hazards occurring and in some locations there is the potential for these hazards to reoccur based on weather patterns or physical characteristics.
Each year thousands of
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Major thoroughfares that supply Forsyth County include Business 40, Interstate 40, US 52, Highways 65, 66, 67, 150, 158, 311 and 421, and NC 109. Rail transportation is serviced by the Norfolk Southern and Winston-Salem South Bound and Smith Reynolds Airport is located in Forsyth County. The county lies within the river basins of the Yadkin River, Roanoke River and the Cape Fear River. The largest economic contributors in Forsyth County are educational and Health and Social Services followed by manufacturing and retail.
Forsyth County as a whole is vulnerable to many types of natural hazards that are not restricted to any specific area and include severe storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts and heat waves, and severe winter storms and freezes. Certain parts of Forsyth County such as floodplains and steep slopes are more prone to hazards. Developed areas located close to major highways or railways have an increased risk of financial losses from hazards. Certain types of hazards are likely to produce localized effects while others have wide-spread effects. Some natural hazards have major impacts but occur infrequently while others occur more frequently but with minimal damage.
Forsyth County has 217 dams;56 rated as high hazard with potential loss of human life and damage to property exceeding $200,000 if a failure occurred and 23 dams rated as intermediate hazards located in rural or agricultural areas with an unlikely loss of life but

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