Christians' Beliefs about the Power of Good and Evil Essay

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Christians' Beliefs about the Power of Good and Evil

There is a lot of evil in the world. There is suffering in the world which is caused by human beings doing things which are evil, but there is also suffering which is caused by the way things are in our world such as hurricanes and earthquakes, which is called natural evil.

When people deliberately are cruel or dishonest in the world, this is called moral evil. Natural evil is suffering which is caused by natural disasters such as floods.

Religious believers may have problems about their beliefs because of the suffering that takes place in the world. There are a lot of natural evil such as starvation in third world countries, tornado's,
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Some people believe that the evil-does will get punished for their deed by going to hell forever but others believe that the person will go to hell for a certain amount of time like a prison sentence.

A lot of Christians say that we do not know why there is evil and suffering, and it may be something that only God understands. They believe that when they are suffering they become closer to God and see how much they need their faith in God.

Some believe that God gave people a free will, so because he gave them a choice, people can choose to do right or wrong. They believe that having faith in God is enough and God forgives his people. Others believe that if you do wrong, you will go to hell but God does forgive in the end and you will go to heaven. Christians believe the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden who ate from the forbidden tree. This proves that God gave the will to choose what actions they decide to take. However this story also proves to Christians that God is all-forgiving. God forgave Adam and Eve for disobeying him and sacrificing his trust in them.

A lot of people believe in the devil, also known as Satan. Some Christians believe that the devil was created as good but because of his jealousy against God he decided not to be obedient against God but instead fight against him.

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