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Behind Bars
January 12th, 2010, a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake hits the small nation of Haiti in the Caribbean killing hundreds of thousands and leaving tens of thousands in dire need of medical attention. Due to inadequate infrastructure, the people of Haiti died, and for some families, children became orphans. Once attention from other countries came, such as the United States, adoptions and child trafficking began to occur even if some of these children still had parents. In one of these cases, ten Americans from the Eastside Baptist Church mounted their own rescue mission to Haiti following the earthquake. These 10 Americans took 33 children from Port-Au-Prince and brought them to the Dominican, Haitian border on a bus,
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Although their plan didn’t go as thought, the fact that these people wanted to do the moral thing, shows that there are those who do care and are willing to take action. During the Holocaust, there were many individuals who stood up against the Nazis and even Hitler himself by protecting Jews, and voluntarily knowing that the price of doing such a thing was death. I’m sure that all of the Jews who survived the Holocaust because of these types of individuals, thank god every day that someone did the right thing instead of standing on the sidelines to watch it all unravel. Just like the Jews who were kept protected from the extermination of their kind and given the chance to survive, these 33 Haitian children would have been able to live a better life in the Dominican Republic and even in the United Sates if only the Americans had proper documents. The power to live is an opportunity that can be hard to come by, but if you open your heart and mind, that chance will come and be ready for you to grab it out of the sky. Many other figures in the Holocaust struck me as being the perfect candidates for individuals in history who exhibited moral courage, but given the events that had occurred in our modern day world, I thought a current

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