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The repercussions of tsunamis are extraordinary. The 2010 Indian Ocean Tsunami ranks number six on the list of deadliest natural disasters of all time. That alone proves the grim manner of these series of large waves caused by the sudden movement of the ocean. Tsunamis are fierce, dangerous natural disasters. They not only can kill plenty but also can cost considerable amounts. This essay will focus on the major, most famous tsunamis in the world’s history.
Tsunamis occur mostly in the Pacific Ocean mostly around the Ring of Fire (“Tsunamis”). This is because this dangerous area is known for its production of such disasters as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, or even both trigger the Tsunami. There have been spectacular tsunamis
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This very intense series of events happened on August 17, 1883 and was caused by a volcano called Ketimbang. It was the ashes from the eruption and the strong waves from the tsunami that did the most damage. The smoke from the volcanic eruption killed around a thousand people and the waves killed approximately 36,417 people (“1883 eruption of Krakatoa”).
On December 28, 1908 a great tsunami came about in Sicily and Calabria, in southern Italy. A huge earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 on the moment magnitude scale occurred. This earthquake wasn’t cause be a volcano but instead by faulting between plates. More than 80,000 people were killed in the disaster (“Messina earthquake and tsunami of 1908”).
A famous tsunami occurring near Alaska was definitely an attention grabber. Occurring in March of 1964, this tsunami killed 119 people and caused around $300 million in damage to Alaska alone. This tsunami at a magnitude of 9.2 holds the title of the largest Tsunami in North America to this day. This was triggered by an earthquake rated 8.2 on the Richter scale costing $106 million in damages (“2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake”).
A recent, well-known tsunami killed approximately 130,000 people (“2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami”). It happened on December 26 of the year 2004. It had a magnitude of 9.0, which makes it the largest since a tsunami foregoing 40 years. The earthquake harshly hit Aceh Province of Sumatra, in northern Indonesia, Sri

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