Wonders of the Ancient World Essay

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M. Golden
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February 1, 2014
Wonders of the Ancient World
Throughout ancient history many lists were created for must see architectural structures. These lists were generated by travelers during the prime of these structures and some even after destruction. There came a time where the Greeks compiled the list to what we now call The Seven Wonders of the Ancient world. These structures were all created over the course of several years, so some were destroyed by the time others were constructed. The tale of greatness will be retold through my eyes for four of these seven wonders.
When the Temple of Artemis was first constructed in 800 BCE on the River Selinas in Ephesus, the Ephesians had no idea what all this
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They used the same idea to have many columns; some had relief carvings on the lower portion, while others had silver and gold inlay. Inside the temple were many paintings and sculptures. Four of these sculptures were statues of large, bronze Amazon women who are said to have discovered the city of Ephesus. The use of ramps made out of the ground and teams of oxen are thought to have made the construction of these large objects possible. The temple came under attack again when the Romans invaded Ephesus. Ephesian’s were now under Roman rule and the temple stood for roughly another 100 years until it was no longer needed. With the new religious cult of Christianity becoming popular among the Romans, the temple was left to be filled in by the river. The Temple of Artemis was nothing less than perfection. Its magnificent beauty and astonishing size gave reason to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Once located along the western coast of Greece, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia sat at nearly 40 feet tall. His head almost touched the ceiling portraying the image that if he were to stand up, he would lift the roof right off of its frame. In honor of the Greek god Zeus, who was the king of the Greek gods, a stadium was built for the Olympic Games.
Previously a small statue of Zeus was displayed for the first 300 years until the rising popularity of the Olympic Games called

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