Why I Want For My Master Degree Master Of International Studies Advanced

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Statement of Purpose
Glad to introduce myself as Ashief Niroula, I am from Belbari, Morang which is a city located in Eastern part of Nepal, I was born in 08 February 1993. Both my parents are concerned about my education and my better life. After completing my 3 years undergraduate degree “bachelor of arts” my majors were social work and rural development. So to pursue my higher studies I choose the best options for me and I have decided to achieve my master degree in master of international studies advanced.
Starting previous academic achievements, I passed my SLC (School leaving certificate) examination from Arniko higher secondary boarding school; Biratnagar in 2009 with 78.50%. My school provided me a good education in the field of mathematics,science, and computer and also in many extracurricular activities. After completion of SLC,I moved to Kathmandu to seek higher secondary education 's got admitted to global college of management which is located in Mid-Baneshwor, where I completed my HSEB (higher secondary education board) examination in 2011 with 53.70%.To pursue my career as an social worker, I appeared for entrance examination in golden gate international college and my score were good enough to get me admitted to golden gate international college 's had 3 years of bachelor in humanities and social science (BA).I choose to study bachelor of arts tohelp individuals and families find solutions, advance changes in social policy, promote social justice, and foster…

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