Essay about Why I Should Be Looking Internationally As Well

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Despite its literal massive size, the world is becoming increasingly smaller as a result of technology and globalization. Countries are no longer isolated from one another by oceans, terrain, or distance. As a result, it is impossible for an individual to remain oblivious to international events whether they are positive or negative. Each individual must determine what their role will be in this global society, and many factors contribute to this decision. I began this class focusing on practicing my values and beliefs nationally, but this course has helped me begin to realize I should be looking internationally as well. My life’s philosophy is to grow closer to God; as I grow deeper in a relationship with my savior I will inevitably be drawn to follow Jesus’ example in how to live my life which will lead me to live a life of love, service, and compassion for others all over the world. I grew up in a Christian home and accepted Jesus as my personal savior at a young age. I have my parents to thank for every positive aspect of my character because they have taught me their values which stem from the Bible. My religion has shaped my character in many ways such as having integrity, pursuing excellence, being honest and fair, forgiving others, and serving when the need arises. These characteristics, aside from the ever-difficult forgiveness, came fairly easily to me. The problem was that, until I got to college, I never made my faith my own and, therefore, my…

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