Wedding Speech : Traditional Wedding And Drink During The Wedding

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Culture is an identity of one society that describes some whom he/she belongs to referring the customs, traditions, norms, and other related practices the society performs. We can compare the similarities or common customs and traditions among different societies. To know and understand other society’s culture is important to me, because I can learn something interesting things to broaden my mind. Here, I am so interested to research the traditional wedding in Nepal. I have some friends living in the United States, often times I see them their culture impressed me the way the wedding ceremony they perform. I have seen that some common relationship with my own traditional wedding and I was interested to research. In the beginning was thinking who chooses his/her partner? What gifts present in the wedding ceremony? Who participate or who are the most invited guests? What are the most popular food and drink during the wedding season? And many other questions came to my mind. These questions definitely led me to do my writing.
In Nepali tradition wedding, parents play a significant role in choosing one’s partner and the marriage is held in the groom’s house. In this case, the wedding ceremony has three major steps classified as pre-wedding, wedding ceremony and post wedding. In each steps, there are different activities that are going to be performed. According to Dr. Suniti Acharya, the groom’s father goes to the bride’s house to ask her father to hand his daughter his son.…

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