The Worst Natural Disasters Caused By The San Francisco Earthquake

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Have you ever been awake during an earthquake? Imagine if it were awoken by a everything shaking. An earthquake 20 times worse than a normal earthquake. How about 150 times worse? In the morning of April 18, 1906, the community of San Francisco didn’t have to think about this and ponder, but had to live it. The catastrophic earthquake of 1906 hugely impacted San Francisco wealth, resources, and financial systems. It also resulted in havoc and destruction among the people of the town and this earthquake made record breaking results in being one of the worst natural disaster in history at that time period. The destruction tore building apart, injured several hundreds were injured and thousands of people got killed. We as a whole, know that earthquakes are extremely dangerous and can cause major destruction throughout our world, but the San Francisco earthquake was marked as one of the worst natural disasters, because it not only impacted the people in the city, but the landmarks in the city. Earthquakes usually don 't start fires, but this one did, which also destroyed the central business district. As a community in that time, they weren 't aware of what to do in this situation because this never happened to them. Thankfully, nowadays we are more aware and cautious in what to do if an earthquake like the 1906 one did happen.

After the earthquake, the people of San Francisco acted and responded quickly in trying to repair the city they once knew, but it did not…

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