The World Is The Authority Essay

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America 's role in the world is the authority. We help out whenever there is trouble threatening the freedom of a country. We use to be a country who would help out. But now we are the country that dominates the rest. It changed because we decided that we should be the ones on top and it actually happened. Now we protect other countries from threats. I believe that our role should be the one that we are now. As the authority. Because we help out other countries in time of need. Like the recent giant earthquake that happened in nepal. Whenever that happened we sent some of our armed forces supplied with supplies that were needed over there such as water and food. And also made foundations to help them out. Another reason that we should be the authority is that we had the potential to be the authority when we were still the colonies. We were just a couple of men with muskets against the full blown military of the world that we call great britain. No matter what manpower they came with we still stood b our lines and defended our homes until we were dead or until the redcoats retreated, but in some cases we retreated but we never surrendered even in the dark times of the war. We just stood up, brush the dirt off of our shoulders and we grabbed our rifles and we just kept on fighting. Our fighting impressed an ally that proved vital to our victory,France. They helped us win the war and look at us now, we are one of the superpowers of the world. Another one is the civil war. We…

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