The Tectonic Theories Of The Plate Tectonic Theory Essay examples

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The plate tectonic theory says that there are plates covering the outer layer of the Earth and that they have been moving around as time goes on. It says that the Earth was once made up of a supercontinent, called Pangea, and as time went on the plates started to shift and eventually became what they are today. Several different scientists over a course of over 20 years have used each other’s work and pushed our scientific knowledge to develop the theory and give us our four different boundaries. The four different boundaries are: the divergent boundary, the convergent boundary, the collisional boundary, and the transform boundary. These boundaries cause mountains to form, earthquake to occur, and volcanos to erupt. The divergent boundary usually takes place at ocean ridges and occurs when two tectonic plates are separating from each other. When the plates move apart magma moves up to fill the gaps. Earthquakes are caused where the plates separate and volcanoes and islands can occur where the magma moves up to the surface . The convergent boundary is where plates converge into one another causing one plate to slip below the other. The plate that slips below is then melted beneath the Earth’s crust. This causes the boundary to create a trench where they collide and a volcano as the melted rock is forced back up to the Earth’s surface. The collisional boundary occurs when two continental plates collide with each other. As the plates continue to slowly crash into one another…

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