Essay The Sea Act And The Clean Water Act

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In the early 1970, millions of people in the United States began to fill the streets, parks, and cities to celebrate the nation’s first Earth Day. This, as well as passage of the Clean Air act and the Clean Water act had kick started the nation, and the western’s world new movement towards conservation and planet protecting. The start of the movement yielded many excellent laws such as the Marine Mammal Protection act, a law that protected marine mammals. It seemed like there was no end to what the environmental movement can do! They are right in a way. It is 2015 now and the movement, the global movement, has come a long way. The world holds several organizations that aim to protect the world’s lands, seas, life, and resources. The effectiveness of each organization, however, is not equal. Why are some organizations better at protecting the environment than others? Who succeeds in foreign nations and who does not? One can find the answer through a cultural and Marxist lens. A person’s culture can greatly affect his or her feelings about the environment, while a person’s socioeconomic status can greatly affect his or her actions towards the environment. To begin, a human being’s belief system can greatly effect how they treat the environment. For example, eastern cultures and people tend to have a more geocentric view of the world, one where humanity must coexist and help nature. Geocentricism persists in Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism (Cunningham, 2002, 1). Conversely,…

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