The Rise Of Radio Mullah Essay

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The rise of Radio Mullah began as any tyrannical movement has, an ordinary man that was charismatic and persuasive exploiting the ignorance of people looking for strength and God. A mullah is a Muslim learned in Islamic theology and sacred law. Maulana Fazullah used to operate the pulley chair to cross the Swat River and studied at the madrasa of Maulana Sufi Mohammad, founder of TNSM (Movement for the Enforcement of Islamic Law). What many people didn’t know was that Fazullah was a “high school dropout whose real name isn’t even Fazullah.” (Yousafzai and Lamb 114) However, even though Fazullah had taken a few steps to understand the Quran, few people understood the original Arabic, including Mullahs, so misinterpreted the Quran and Hadith. This would be later used to the advantage of Fazullah.
Since Fazullah had married Sufi Mohammad’s daughter, he took over after the man was arrested in 2002. Many people in Swat had no televisions and were illiterate, so they were dependent upon the radio for much of their knowledge. Fazullah illegally started his radio station and at first seemed very motivational and dedicated to helping spread the word of Islam. He suggestions on subjects like smoking, praying, and washing all sounded very reasonable. In America, we would consider it very invasive for a man to instruct us on how to do things, but the people of Swat were very receiving (as evidence of them not refusing visitors even if they couldn’t provide for themselves.)

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