Essay about The Rise Of Dark Tourism

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When it comes to the topic of The Rise of Dark Tourism many people would readily agree that in past several years people have developed a special interest in it. This argument usually ends on the question of how things are interpreted by people. Some people don’t think of this type of tourism as an evil or nuisance, whereas, others consider it not to be a wise thought to visit such places where a tragedy had happened. However, the main purpose of this article is to unearth the facts that why people are getting more interested in visiting places where tragedies or dangerous incidents have occurred and it’s for this reason why beautiful places are receiving less tourists than before. People know that this type of tourism is not at all safe and going on the places where massacre, riots or a war has happened is good thing neither, but still they are willing to spend their money and time on such type of attractions. I will discuss more about this topic and explain my views in upcoming paragraphs.
To start with, it is important to understand why many people have an attitude of visiting such places. How come the places where deaths and killings had has become the part of tourism industry? Places like Libya, India, United States and many more are the spot light for Dark Tourism over the past years. No doubt, that in this fast pace of life people are looking forward to do various types of different activities, to get rid of stress and work load of daily life but still some safety is…

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