Essay about The Relationship Between Media Consumers And Producers

1634 Words May 20th, 2015 null Page
This essay examines the way ‘new media’ has affected the relationship between the media consumers and producers and how the audience are becoming the creator of their own media content. Today people tend to rely on social media as their main source of information, and through multiple new media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. they are not only able to produce but also distribute their content. The essay will discuss how easy access to information, sharing and collaboration has given the freedom for users to create their own media, or their own media interpretation which leads to problems such as ownership and copyrights. However it is unfair to dismiss that freedom to produce enables people to interact and correspond efficiently within different platforms. Creative participation is a very crucial aspect of our daily routine and mediating or trying to control the media produced by people suppresses the freedom of speech, and the freedom to create. As people are becoming “prosumers”, the term coined by futurologist Alvin Toffler, and they are in power to entirely customise the content of the media it can no longer be clear weather the information and the content that is consumed has been verified.

According to Clay Shirky “everytime a consumer joins the new media landscape, a producer does too”. (Shirky, 2009) New media allows people not only to keep up and inform themselves but it also allows them to constantly produce the product for the digital media…

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