The Rebellion Response By Nat Turner Essay

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You control me, own me, stripped me of my freedom, beat me, skinned me all so I could wash your clothes, plow your fields cook your food when I am free I am not free as the scars remind me daily of the unjustified action to any human being was carried out by you, the white man. So why are your upset that Nat Turner and his supporters killed nearly seventy five when you the white man have killed hundreds if not thousands of men, women and children of slavery. Mentally and physically you enslaved me until 1865.

The Insurrection response was more of a character identifier something like a Shakespeare “where cometh thou.” Read like a story without a focus jumping from one opinion of the events to the other. Using the word “earthquake” and “oppression” were the most profound nouns used in the first paragraph. Led you to believe that the skies were raining blood. Earthquakes are destructive as the writer used to describe the action of Nat Turner. After an earthquake, rebuilding is a normal process necessary to repair what has been damage. Had Nat Turner become so damage that his only way of escape was to become what his master were? This response read more like a gothic story of how black and white bodies were unburied and scattered the small town fields. Unlike the other responses, it didn’t capture my visual attention about the conditions surrounding the tragedy instead I was wondering who was William Garrison speaking for.

Garrison promoted the emancipation of…

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