The Novel ' A Tale For The Time Being ' Essay

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It was nice seeing the author of the book we read over this summer and discussed a lot about in class. It was my first time meeting the author of a book that I had read, and it was a cool experience. I enjoyed it because we were able to ask Ruth questions that we had in our mind while reading the book, and we were able to understand the process it took Ruth to complete “A tale for the Time Being”. Some themes that Ruth discussed in the event had to do with the characters she chose, the reason it took so long to complete it, structure, and the ending of the book Ruth Ozeki said that she didn’t have to sit down and think which characters to put in this novel, but rather the voices and the characters themselves came to her. In 2006, she heard the voice of Nao, but she didn’t know anything about her at first. The character just popped into Ruth’s mind and introduced herself. All she knew about Nao was that she was a Japanese high school student who was troubled and suicidal. Ruth knew she was going to write it in English even though Nao was Japanese, and that she was going to write the diary to somebody. Nao didn’t know who she was writing her diary too so neither did Ruth Ozeki. It took Ruth 5 years to figure out who Nao was writing to. She discovered that the reader would be Ruth who lives in the Northwest (like Ozeki), with a husband named Oliver (like Ozeki) and had writer’s block (like Ozeki). A student asked Ruth “What was the purpose of Nao?” She…

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