The New Generation Z. Essay

1749 Words May 16th, 2016 7 Pages
The New Generation Z It’s an age-old argument, is sexual orientation a choice or not? Is who we really are based on biology and the chromosome that our fathers have given us, or is it what we make of it and how we choose to express of ourselves to society; what we believe feels right. Generation Z is a generation unlike any others before it. Children of Generation X and the Millennials, it will be the largest generation in history. According to the website ‘Thom S. Rainer’, by the time 2020 concludes, this generation will include about 82 million people. So how these two topics correlate is, how will this new way of thinking affect one of our most important and influential generations to date? The children in this era will have to face trials and embrace changes that their parents and grandparents could have never expected. For one, for the first time ever in United States history, the majority of this generation will be non-white, with Hispanics as the fastest growing group. More people will marry across racial and ethnic lines and homosexual marriages will be more embraced than ever. But the shining question is, will this generation, our future doctors and scientists, political leaders and tycoons, be able to take on what will be thrown their way? One big elephant in the room that is taking up headlines in the news is the talk of being able to let transgender people use the bathroom of their sexual identity choice. Should we let someone who used to be a man into the…

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