The Middle Of Financial Capital Of India Essay

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In the middle of financial capital of India, Mumbai, one fourteen year old Nepali girl is waking up to a horror she can hardly believe. She just found out that she has been sold to one of a brothel that dots the alleyways of Mumbai by the hundred. She was either lured by the promise of work and better life in the big city or smitten in love by a predator that target innocent young girls and traffic them across the border. She is a victim of women and child trafficking that force them into underground sex industry and has plagued the country side of one of the poorest nation on earth, Nepal. Human trafficking especially, young women and children for prostitution and underground sex industry across the border has become one of major social and human rights problems in Nepal.

Just one week ago, she was at her home with her family two thousand miles away in a small farming village in the hills of Nepal. Like millions of young teenage girls growing up in the picturesque villages on the slope of Himalayas, her days used to consists of attending a small village school, playing with her fellow teenagers from the village and helping out her parents with house hold chores like weaving, cattle herding and farming on her fields. Like any other teenage girl, she used to dream of going to the big city one day and see the tall building, dazzling lights and may be see one or two movie stars and their glamour that she so hears and sees in the movies. Brought up in a small and closely…

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