The Legacy Of The Civil Fame Essay

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In 1802 Jackson became a major general this enhanced his reputation and eventually opened up the military fame he always wanted. Sevier had been elected in Tennessee in 1796 Jackson underestimated him. Sevier was able to get off the charges that Jackson came up with. Now Jackson was a terrible person in some people’s eyes. Rachel was now terrified for her husband’s safety and some of Sevier’s supporters planned to attack Jackson. Jackson staying in a hotel was warned by one of his commanders of the upcoming attackers, but Jackson opened his door and told him to come on up whenever they wanted to. The group left without even going inside. They planned to have a dual. When Servier finally agreed to meet the next morning he didn 't show up. This duel ended up with no shots being fired and Jackson heading home. For financial reasons Rachel and Jackson had to sell their home they moved to the property Rural Retreat. They later named it the Hermitage. The enslaved population at the Hermitage was small within the next 10 years. Jackson never hesitated in ordering slaves beaten. Rachel, however had trouble making slaves obey. Many enemies took on an act of “Posting”. This is when the enemy post bad things about an enemy in a newspaper. A duel between Jackson and Erwins Dickerson was very important. Jackson was shot 2 inches from the heart but he found the strength to fire back, hit Dickinson in the abdomen, and he later blood to death. Nobody noticed Jackson 's injury until…

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