The Issue Of Human Sex Trafficking Essay

1337 Words Feb 1st, 2016 6 Pages
Women of all ages in Nepal are hurt because they are being trafficked for prostitution, pornography, and other sexual exploitation. This essay will investigate to what extent victims have been denied their human rights to freedom from slavery and how sex trafficking is similar to 18th century slavery.
The article “The Modern Slave Trade” by Kathmandu Post claims that human trafficking for sexual purposes is a large problem in Nepal and officials are doing what they can to stop this nightmare. This article is from Nepal and was made by Kathmandu Post in 2010. Kathmandu post is the largest and best selling English newspaper in Nepal, so I believe I will get good information from this source because it was published in the region I am focused on and, therefore, has first hand experiences with human trafficking in Nepal. This document’s purpose is to inform an interested adult audience about what the issue of human sex trafficking is and what actions the Nepali government is taking to reduce the incidence of and hopefully stop this problem. The Kathmandu Post achieves this by including the government’s plan to action and by informing people of the reasons for which innocent women are being trafficked. This source provides valuable information for my research paper because it gives me a second perspective, the perspective of government officials, on the topic of human sex trafficking in Nepal. This document also provides valuable information about the sex trade. Though this is a…

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