Essay about The Financing And Organization Of Health Care Systems

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The financing and organization of health care systems differ in different countries. This is for the reason that culture, politics, environment, health, and historical factors highly influence the development and the distribution of health services. Haiti is highly hampered by some of the worst health indicators in the world with the government and the health system facing several challenges, which has resulted in the lack of government capacity to address its numerous public health issues (U.S. Relations With Haiti, 2014).
Impaction Vulnerable Populations Problems
Health care system in Haiti has huge impacts on vulnerable populations such as the mentally ill, elderly, the poor, and children. After the 2010 earthquake, The World Health Organization and the Pan American Health Organization (WHO/PAHO) started building social protection in health care as a way of catering for the vulnerable groups (Bristol, 2010). The (WHO/PAHO) participated in the development of short as well as medium response on mental health and rehabilitation issues. The WHO/PAHO has also collaborated with the government towards the development of alternative models to fund health care services in order to cater for the vulnerable groups (Ivers, 2011). This means that the vulnerable groups stand to gain from improved and strengthened health care services.
Unlike in Haiti, United States of America has an insurance program known as Medicare that pays medical and hospital care for the…

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