The Field Of Global Health Essay

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In the field of global health, a consensus has been reached that we can no longer analyze public health issues through a purely biomedical lens, but must incorporate a wide range of other dimensions, such as political, economic, social, and environmental aspects. All these dimensions converge together to form particular places of health that influence disease exposure and transmission. King asserts that a political ecology framework applied to health provides insight into “how health is situated within political, economic, cultural, and environmental systems that intersect to shape the spread of disease and decision-making options” (King 49). By taking into account these dynamic multiscalar processes, we can see how both local and larger-scale forces interact to create inequities in exposure and capacity to shape differential health vulnerabilities. In his book, Mosquito Trails, Nading makes a similar argument, likening the complex set of interactions as a form of “entanglement,” which he defines as “the unfolding, often incidental attachments and affinities, antagonisms and animosities that bring people, nonhuman animals, and things into each other’s worlds,” (Nading 11) and describes as both encouraging and discouraging disease. A common theme within his book as well as other works is the deficient participation of local governments in addressing local health issues. By focusing on the lack of political will or capacity of local governments, we can see how detrimental…

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