The Farce Of Nepal 's Politics Essay

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Farce to Serious
Neelam Adhikari

Nepal’s politics has gone from serious to ridiculous to farce. What is responsible for it? Lack of women in leadership.

We women are repositories of love and compassion and good at multi-tasking. Our heart bleeds for our family and other’s children as well. We can work our hands and brain at different things at the same time. That makes us smarter but imposes on us disproportionate burden as well.

The experience of Western countries where women and men have less inequality than in developing countries has shown that girl students do better than boy students in schools and tests. In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, female students outperform and outnumber their male counterparts in schools and universities.

Yet, women cannot emulate men in neglecting their family obligations. They may be high-ranking leaders or professionals, but they would still make time to take care of their family. For instance, Margret Thatcher used to cook for her husband during weekends if she were at home when she was even prime minister. The women CEO’s of the largest corporations continue to take care of their families, more than their men do.

This bleeding heart assigns disproportionate family obligation on women. Since we are good at multi-tasking, we often take more obligation than our men do. So much so, husband and wife come back home equally tired; husband sits in the couch and watches television, but wife goes to the kitchen and…

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