Essay The Effect Of A Natural Disaster.earthquakes

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Garbage is spread everywhere, lives are lost, buildings are razed to the ground, and cars have been tossed like soccer balls. Actually, this would be the effects of a natural disaster.Earthquakes are among the dreadful consequences of nature that may cause loss of life and food shortage (Figure 1).In fact, earthquakes often happen when two rock plates encounter each other, creating friction. Due to the strength of the force, shock waves will be sent through the ground, creating an earthquake ( Schultz, 2005 ). In reality, making certain developments and preparations, can reduce the amount of damage caused by these destructive forces. Recently, new advances in technology and communication make it easier to monitor earthquakes. First, seismographs can be used to pick up the vibrations in the Earth 's crust. In addition, laser beams can be operated to detect plate movement ( BBC,2014 ). Finally, engineers could design special structures for buildings in those regions, in order to withstand the force of earthquakes.

People living in cities may have noticed that buildings often shake when big trucks pass by the road. In the same manner, the breakage of rock during an earthquake produce vibrations called seismic waves that radiate outward from the point of fracture. Provided that, the instrument used to record and measure these vibrations is called a seismograph ( EarthquakesCanada, 2013 ). About 132 A.D. , Chang Heng, a Chinese astronomer and…

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