Essay on The Earthquake Of The United States

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The year is 1964 and what seemed to be like any other normal day in southern Alaska turned out to be anything but. March 24th marked a turning point that would affect many lives in Alaska as well as the lives of those along the coasts of Hawaii and Oregon. It impacted society physically and economically far beyond what anyone could have ever imagined. This day also shed light and created new practices as well as new methods of anticipating future earthquakes. The Earthquake of 1964 claimed the lives of approximately 131 people in Alaska as well as 16 deaths between Oregon and California. For an earthquake this size, the death toll was quite small, due to the low population, the time of day in which it occurred and the fact it was a holiday. It caused an estimated $2.3 billion in property damages. Due in part to wood frame construction, low-rise structures and modest urban density, which helped limit fatalities. As a result of the earthquake several ground fissures and failures were created which in turn caused major structural and property damage. One of the towns greatly affected by the event was Anchorage. They suffered severe losses to homes, buildings, streets, sidewalks, and electrical systems. Additionally, the Port of Valdez was also affected with a major landslide. Which facilitated the collapse of the city harbor, the docks, and a ship that was docked in which 30 people perished. Coincidentally, at this time, a 27 foot tsunami tore through the…

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