Essay about The Disaster Of The Tsunami Of 2004 Video

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Tracing back through history, mankind has tried to caution upcoming generations of horrific overland deluge events. You can discover this message in the epic tales of the Sumerian King Gilgamesh. It is juxtaposed with the Hebrew Bible referencing Noah. The Abrahamic and Babylonian regions have warning stories as well. Other places such as Japan and the Hawaiian Islands have passed down forewarnings and changed their life to face this ominous threat. They tell stories of whole towns and villages swept away overnight. The event is called a tsunami, which means (Killer Wave) in the Japanese language. Unlike your typical overland downslope flow of water, masses amount of displaced water rises over land and then recedes back to the ocean. Plate tectonics, earthquakes, violent storms and landslides are well understood causes of this event; however, the killer wave or Tsunami is so rare that we fail to understand how in depth and devastating it is. The Indonesian tsunami of 2004 video highlighted the true scale and size of a tsunami wave. While deployed overseas in Misawa Japan, I was still skeptical about just how much damage a wave of water could create. Surprisingly, seven years later, the Japanese tsunami of 2011 would give me a crash course in flora, fauna and structural destruction.
To begin, the resilient flora of any area is not immune to the destruction of this cataclysmic event. Ironically, I was sailing off northeastern coast of Honshu right above the earthquake that…

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