Essay The Disaster Of San Francisco

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We have seen a constant change of our environment afflicted by the human, nature and nurture influence, creating and reinventing what we know of a culture, city and society. San Francisco, a city of multi-diverse neighborhoods of highly trending culture, commerce, fashion and finance, has been immensely affected by it; seeing a consistent development before and after the 1906 earthquake which destroyed over 80% of San Francisco. The earthquake and the subsequent fires, one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the United States, took from the people of the Bay Area their houses and families, leaving roughly 3000 deaths and at least 270,000 people homeless. Nonetheless, this mayor disaster also gave the opportunity for a rebuild of the city, a new beginning base on a mosaic of colorful and distinctive neighborhoods. The favorable circumstances to change the wicked, lawless and infamous district like the Barbary Coast.

The Barbary Coast, before the 1906 earthquake was a district with a notorious reputation for being a lawless location which offered what no other places could, prostitution, vigilante justice, gambling, dance halls, concert saloons, unlicensed bars, jazz clubs and the art of shanghaiing.
This district was an immense center of bizarre entertainment for miners, entrepreneurs and sailors. After the 1906 earthquake, the city saw an opportunity to clean up the Barbary Coast, transforming it into an acceptable area for the everyday San Franciscans. The…

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