Essay about The Devastating Earthquake Of The United States

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It was around eleven p.m. when a disastrous earthquake hit everywhere in the United States. It devoured several cities including Newport Beach. That Earthquake was the start of the end of the of the strongest country in the face of Earth and maybe of the existence of humankind. Families and friends were separated maybe for some time or for the rest of their entire life. Billy was only a 16-year old boy whose family was killed by their own house. Billy was in shock. He knew he had to be smart and quick now that he is alone in this disastrous mess. He gathered a backpack and packed many supplies and food. Once he stepped outside his imagination could not believe what he was looking at. There were people screaming and running. There were people that just sat silent thinking about how much they would have wanted to spend more time with their family. Billy was almost living the movie of 2012. Until now, he noticed how life can be when it comes with surprises. He was experiencing the biggest change of his life and for the world it might have been for the century. He started walking with his mind at zero. His mind could not keep up with the fact that everything in his life was gone in an instant. He had to be careful with huge cracks on the ground that he had to sometimes find an alternate way to go past through it. As he went further and further into the streets, he knew that not only he was trying to look for a safe spot, but many other people as well. “Hey guys do you mind if…

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