Essay about The Crime Rate Of Crime

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Another thing that can happen and cause crime to increase is that criminals get parole or early release. The problem with this is that more than half of criminals will end up committing another crime. The website Crime In America.Net states that all-around “37 percent of prisoners who were arrested within five years of release were arrested within the first six months after release.”
These are just a few of the reasons why crime is bad in the United States and why the people should start changing what they do to lower the crime rate. Everyone knows that it is nearly impossible to stop crime all together, but imagine if we could lower it by just doing a few simple things every day. By doing that we could help lower the number of juveniles in our communities, help lower the number of law enforcement officers assaulted every day, and help lower the number of people in jail. There are many different ways we can help law enforcement officers solve crime faster. First, we can make communities safer, and overall help lower the crime rate. Some of the ways that people can help out their community will not involve them to plan out their day or spend several hours helping lower crime. These ways will be as simple as sending a text message to a program that helps to make a community safety. We all know that if we witness a crime in the United States, we have to let the law enforcement officers know what happened. This seems to be the only thing Americans do in their communities to…

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