The Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried Essay

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Death is painfully unpleasant for the watcher and the ill. It can be difficult to comprehend and scary to live through, but just because death isn’t very well liked does not mean it doesn’t happen. In fact it happens every day through every hour; no rich, poor, healthy, or sick can escape it. The contemporary writer Amy Hempel gracefully writes about death between a friendship in her piece titled “In The Cemetery Where Al Jolson Is Buried,” showing a relatable situation everyone will undergo at some point in their life. Hempel’s relativity, style, and rhythm display the great qualities that make her work so unique; making it belong to the 21st century literary canon. This short story Hempel wrote, brings light to a circumstance of death so many readers can relate to. Hempel’s example, being a friend seeing her other friend die from presumably cancer supported by the line, “A kiss through surgical gauze, the pale hand correcting the position of the wig” (195). Cancer is not a stranger in the common world; there are many types of cancer that affect many types of people, and odds are, you probably know someone who has to deal with a situation related to cancer. But when death stains life (like cancer) it’s difficult to wipe off. An argument can be made that seeing a relative die is harder than seeing a friend die, but that’s not always true. Sometimes friends bring more meaning to an individual’s life than family, especially if, like the nurse in the story said, “you could…

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