The Aspects Of Buddhism And Buddhism Essay

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We traveled to Katmandu, Nepal last summer and can honestly say we weren’t anywhere near as familiar with Buddhism as I am now. In fact, I wish that I had taken this course prior to taking the trip as I think it would have given me a more thorough understanding of the religion. The aspects of Buddhism I was familiar with were very simplistic as a whole. I had a very western understanding of the religion which was sadly mostly things I’d learned from movies, people talking and the silly things people posted on Facebook with the photo of a Buddhist statue behind the words. I knew Nepal is primarily Hindu and Buddhist and was exciting to learn more. I went with my Husband and not even two year old son at the time. People thought we were crazy for bringing him, but the host at the housing we stayed in told us people in Nepal absolutely love children and not to worry. After staying in Nepal, we were happy with our decision to bring him. It was quite different than being in America. Almost everyone we encountered took time out of work or their life to talk and play with him. So much so, that when we came home, he didn’t understand why people didn’t look at him, talk to him and play with him every chance they got.
I knew Buddhists regarded all life as precious, but didn’t understand the full significance of why until taking this class. I feel naïve for much of this, but I thought that Buddha was their “God.” I learned from my trip about many gods, which we found to be quite…

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