Essay about Technical Project : Information Systems Security

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Technical Project Paper: Information Systems Security
When one thinks about the threats that a system faces, there is a tendency of thinking about the moral sophisticated threats such as the electronic assaults. However, the significant part of the risks exposure that most of the companies face come from mundane causes such as the exposure to fire, water or even threats. The tendency of giving more attention to the electronic wastes comes from the lack of publicity when the damage of any organization system comes from the physical threats (Bosworth & Kabay, 2002). Physical risks are also easier to manage compared to the electronic threats. Management of the physical risks calls for the input of correct approaches to lay out the design and other site-specific aspects. Physical risks can fall into two broad categories. There are manmade and natural threats.
1. Potential physical threats that require attention
In some areas, there is a high propensity for occurrence of floods. Most of the sites located close to the shores could face the challenge of flooding in the event that there are massive hurricanes. The location of the servers on the ground floor and basement increases the risk exposure of the servers to flooding. Floods could also occur from excessive rain and faulty plumbing in the building. Flooding could also take out the telephone lines in the region hence disrupting the flow of information from and to the pharmacy. Flooding can also arise from the poor…

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