Essay about Success in Life Depends on Where You Were Born

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‘Success In life depends on where you are born’
It can be seen by many that where you are born and the numbers in your postcode can dictate your successes in life. For example being born in a wealth part of England, an MEDC, such as Kensington with parents high up the economic chain will have a better life prospects and more opportunity’s to life a life with high welfare then those born in the poorest areas of Nepal. Technology and education within parts of the worlds are huge factors in your success in life as many people in poor areas still fail to complete school up to secondary school level and without recourses that make learning and education easier such as textbooks, white boards, computers and teachers with the correct
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There can be many other reasons why being born into a poor country such as Uganda can limit your successes in life as many don’t have sanitized water, clean clothes, waterproof housing, vehicles and even many opportunities to gain successes.
Even within some countries that have a high GDP can be seen to limit people’s successes due to political corruption. This is main in Oil rich countries or countries with a militant government. This is because the money earnt by selling and refining fuel such as coal is just made to keep those in power to have a nice luxurious lifestyle while the poor go without anything, making the rich richer and the poor poorer and limiting successes of the citizen to those born into a wealthy family or social circle.
However it may be hard to define when a person’s life is successes full the Western culture would focus on more economic success or some may say committing your life to help others make you a success. In some cultures success may be how many crops you grown, or how much livestock you have or how many children you have. Therefore it is hard to determine how the successes in life can be limited to where you live as the type of success that areas may

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