Solution and Advantages Essay

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Solution and Advantages
Derrick L. Catley
Strayer University
Professor Dimetri Richardson
ENG 215
February 21, 2013

Is Hydraulic Fracking the Answer For the Future Some may say that hydraulic fracturing is the key to our future. Various people say that it will give America a secure energy future. A number of people say it is a step to energy independence. Others say that it is a threat to our society, environment, and our water supply. Others also say that it can cause major damage to home and areas in and around the fracturing sites. Corporations and many in the legislative branch want to see hydraulic fracturing as a major part of America moving forward towards energy independence. For the majority of
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In 2004, the Bush administration published a report that concluded that hydraulic fracturing “poses little or no threat” to the supplies of drinking water (Hobson, 2009). That report has come under criticism and has been met with skepticism and unrest from individuals that believe that fracking not only can cause serious problems in their drinking water, but many other phases of their lives too. Many people have never heard of this before but it seems as though it is being forced on them by their local and state representatives. There are many people that believe that the process of fracking can also cause earthquakes. Many individuals who oppose fracking also believe that the natural gas can have a blowout and lead to explosions both in unpopulated areas and in people’s homes. As it stands now, hydraulic fracturing is definitely on the rise and taking place in many cities across the United States even though it is being met by strong resistance. One of the main environmental problems curtailing hydraulic fracturing is the drinking water debate. It is definitely one that stirs up controversy, but it depends on whether you are talking to one of the companies doing the fracturing or an individual that has it going on in their community. Those who want to concede that this is the new wave for America to become

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