Social Media And Its Effect On Society Essay

1281 Words Aug 25th, 2015 null Page
After the implausible development of technology, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn emerged to play indispensable roles in our lives. In fact, there are three billion Internet users in the world that take up more than 45 percent of the total population. Among the many Internet users, nearly 2.1 billion of people have some type of social media accounts in their smartphones or tablets. Social media is crucial to our society, Sally Kohn spoke in her TED talk “Don’t like clickbait? Don’t click” that clicking is no longer a private act, it is a public act that as more of what we click and see gets attention, it starts to reshape our culture and society. Therefore, the social media aspects could have positive and negative influence in our lives.
Nowadays, information online circulates faster than any other forms of media. More than half of the population living in cities chose to learn about news from social media instead of the traditional medias like newspapers or radios. For instance, the campaign KONY 2012 went viral first on social media. Unarguably, their campaign would not have been successful without the existence of social media. People could easily share the videos on Facebook and e-mail, forward the tweets and share the opinions regarding the subject of the matter easily. Moreover, social media can be useful in solving crimes quicker. Polices no longer need to spend hours on searching criminals physically because they can easily gain…

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