Slavery Exists Everywhere, There It Is Illegal Essay

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1.0 Lecture

Slavery exists everywhere, yet it is illegal; everywhere (Kristine, 2012).

This chilling statement is a fact, yet most people would not recognize its existence in today’s society. Tens of millions of people are enslaved today (Free the Slaves, 2015c). 78 percent of today’s slaves are in the labour industry, 22 percent are in the sex trade industry, 55 percent are women and girls, and 26 percent are children under the age of 18 (Free the Slaves, 2015c). Shocking? Yes, but the message was clear to me when viewing the TED Talk by Lisa Kristine, “Photos that bear witness to modern slavery” (Kristine, 2012). I was drawn to this topic because I am an activist for human rights. After I attended “We Day Waterloo” in 2010, I was awakened to this global issue. By the same token, a family friend shed light on his partnership with Ratanak International, after traveling to Cambodia on a rescue and rehabilitation project for victims of sex slavery. I want my essay to continue spreading the message about modern day slavery and be able to help make a difference in the lives of those who do not have a voice.

2.0 Introduction

Lisa Kristine is a photographer who specializes in indigenous people worldwide (Kristine, 2015a). Kristine met, and initially became involved with an NGO, Free the Slaves, at the Vancouver Peace Summit; who are dedicated to eradicating modern day slavery (Kristine, 2012). Kristine and Free the Slaves travelled to multiple countries around the world…

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