Should An Engineer Put His Ethics First When Doing A Project?

1021 Words Jun 29th, 2016 null Page
Should an engineer put his ethics first when doing a project? Many engineers put all their hard work and dedications to make his ideas become reality. Engineer’s mentality has been to always create the best building and make his work memorable. If an engineer intentions are to fail then he would not have or get a job. An engineer acquires job opportunities base on your building history. If there was an accident before it is less likely to get the job. For an engineer everything has to go in the correct spot. This is engineers put a lot of dedication while creating the plans and making buildings. Engineers have no intentions to harm others. It is dumb to criticize engineer for the thing they create. People just criticize them without knowing how they work. Some engineers are not even in charge of themselves there is someone above them who controls them. It is really sad to know that engineers don’t get credit for all their work. People don’t even thank them but when there is an accident the first to be blame is always the engineer. Engineers do the best for all even if we take it for granted.
A big problem that is happening right now in the United States and in the world is about guns. For some people guns are really important for others is a tool use for massive destruction. It is true that recently there has been a lot of violence attacks with weapons that have kill many people and damage other physically and mentally. Do engineers responsible for what other people can…

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