Should Activists Be Banned Expeditions? Essay

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In 2004 through 2014, about 4,053 sherpas have died. This number would decrease if the government would ban expeditions, if people are not experienced. Throughout the years Everest has been a challenge that most climbers want to attempt. However, most people have different reasons on why they want to climb the mountain. One of those reasons that today stands out the most is that they want to feel more better than anyone else. With that big ego that they have, they ignore the fact that they are inexperienced, and could cause danger to others. The main people that get injured would be their guides, which most of the time would be Sherpas. Sherpas put themselves in danger each day to earn money to feed themselves or their family. In most cases, they risk too much and end up dead just to help other live their dream. That then leaves their family members with a loss and moring feelings. Sherpas dying is just one reason to why they should ban expeditions if the climbers are not experienced. Other reasons would be that, Climbers lack knowledge about the mountain and climbing, the amount of people climbing is overcrowded, and dead bodies are being just left behind. These problems should be looked over again by the government of Nepal and shut down all expeditions on Mount Everest. To begin with, when you go on a trip the firsts rule of everything would have to be, safety! So, wouldn’t climbing Everest also require someone to consider the safety procedures? Especially for the…

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