Saving Lives One Tweet At A Time Essay

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Saving Lives one Tweet at a Time
Even though some people may not like or use social media, it is still a major part of our world today. Not only has it helped some people come out of their comfort zone and make friends easier, it has also helped people find others they can relate to. It helps people communicate and get to the point rather than trying to make small talk. Families who have been broken up by divorce or separation have an easier way of communicating with their children, too. There are many reasons how social media has changed this world for the better, but three major ways it has helped is by alerting people of natural disasters, saving people from self-harming, and has helping people from other dangers.
Whether it was Hurricane Sandy or Haiyan Typhoon, millions of tweets and pictures were posted on social media websites crying out for help. This makes it hard for response teams to find the people who are actually in danger. Qatar Computing Research Institute’s director of social innovation, Patrick Meier, once said in an interview with Popular Science that there is an app called “MicroMappers” which is popularly used by their organization. “On the MicroMappers app, volunteers classify and geolocate these calls for help. Once people tag between 50 to 100 examples, an algorithm then classifies similar tweets with 90 percent accuracy. The result is a map with metadata that says, ‘In this area, 20 people have expressed a need for food,’ or ‘There are 17 reports of…

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