Essay Questions On Basic Survival Necessities

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Lesson 4: Know Your Four Basic Survival Necessities
Food is an obvious necessity and it’s important that you have options for obtaining food that does not involve credit or cash. Too many Americans believe it is sufficient to have some cash on hand to make purchases in the event of ATM outages, but in the event of a disaster, food may quickly become scarce and very expensive. You can protect yourself and your family from food insecurity by storing as much food as possible. You will need food that can be stored for long periods of time and does not require refrigeration. Canned, freeze dried and dehydrated foods are perfect for long-term storage.
While the Red Cross recommends that you prepare yourself for a disaster lasting 72 hours, you have only to look at recent disasters here in the United States to realize that 72 hours is an over optimistic view of how long it can take for conditions to get back to normal following a major disaster. A better plan is to strive to store up to 30 days of food.
Calculate how much food you and your family consume in a typical week and then multiply that number by the amount of time you would like the food to last. You can load up on bulk foods from stores like Walmart and Sam’s Club to meet your 30 day food supply target. Buying bulk foods is not only good preparation for food security during a disaster such as an earthquake, but it’s a great way to stretch your dollars during normal times too.
Water may be the most important necessity…

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