Personal Statement : Becoming A Vegetarian Essay

1545 Words May 17th, 2016 7 Pages
When I first decided to become a vegetarian, I had thought that I would be able to change the entire world and make a huge difference. Of course, at that time, I was only eight years old so I didn’t know that I wouldn’t be able to make such a big impact. As I started to grow up, I began to realize that my one decision could not alter the entire world. With the help of my friend, I decided to become a vegetarian, but my parents helped me realize that I alone could not make a difference. My parents thought I was joking when I first told I was going to become a vegetarian. But when they realized I was serious, they pleaded with me to reconsider my decision because they thought that I was not going to get the protein necessary for my body. I hoped that they would understand my thought process if I told them how I started to dream about changing the world. I’m eight years old, and in the courtyard of the private school I’m attending in Nepal. I’m eating lunch in school with my friends. I offer them some of my food, but one of my friends refuses. I ask her why because I’ve been taught to always accept food if someone offers, even if I don’t want it. She says that she doesn’t eat meat. I’m very confused because meat is one of my favorite foods to eat and would never not eat it. (Or so I thought.) She tells me that she respects animals and that she believes that animals also have feelings and rights. She doesn’t want to eat something that was alive but was killed for the…

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