Essay on Personal Narrative : My Own Sustainable Town

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My Own Sustainable Town Every town has its own characteristics, making it different from other town. I am living in my own town and I have a responsibility to save and protect it. As citizens in our village, we need to protect and make it grow. The necessity, we need to save right now is natural resources (water, trees, etc). Because water is a limited resource, if people continue to waste it, there wont be enough water for the town in one day, and people could die because of it. My own town is a small island in Asia. It’s between Taiwan and the Philippines. Around the town is a beach. The climate of the town is tropical. Allowing, people to enjoy the cool weather without being hot or cold. The sound of sea waves can be heard from the house; making people feel peaceful. The population is about five hundred thousand people with around five to seven people inhabiting each house. People use their houses to do business, so they decorate their houses specially, each house having a different style. Each house contributes to creating a colorful life together. The sweet scent from a bakery, the chirping of a bird from a pet shop; daily, simple things harmonize together creating a special town. Though the town is located between the oceans, it has limited water and trees. Water is necessary for people, so it affects the town and its citizens too much. People have to know how to save it and don’t waste it. The government is running based on democracy. The law and legal…

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