No Radiation Leaking At Power Plant, Officials Say, Earthquake

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On March 11, 2011 an earthquake of magnitude 9.0 struck East Japan. As a result of the massive earthquake a large tsunami reached the coast of Japan shortly after. The combined damages of the two were considerable to say the least. Thousands of people lost their lives during this tragic natural disaster and thousands more were left injured among the rubble. Many buildings and homes were severely damaged or no longer existed at all. Along with the devastating death toll and ruined cities, four nuclear power plants were left damaged and without power. With the power plants in this state, the question arises if the destruction was over, or if a nuclear epidemic was soon to follow.
I have chosen two articles that report on the status of the nuclear reactors and what aftermath was to come if any. The two articles chosen are “No radiation leaking at power plant, officials say; Earthquake in Japan” (2011) by Matthew L. Wald of The International Herald Tribune and “At Two Reactors, A Race to Contain Meltdowns” (2011) by Steven Mufson of The Washington Post. Each author offers the reader an implied message of the severity of the event. “No radiation leaking at power plant, officials say; Earthquake in Japan” implies that the reactors were not a threat and that the severity of the situation was low. The author supports his implication by mentioning the reactors failsafe’s and by using statements made by officials. He then mentions measures being taken to prevent the meltdown of the…

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