Essay on No One Knows What Will Happen Next

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No one knows what will happen next. Nov 5, 2012 it was about 7 pm and I and my friends were in a classroom .All of us felt an aftershock of the earthquake, everything started moving in a wave nature as a river makes its way. Randomly we moved here and there and finally came out of the building. There exists no place to hide from the earthquake. However, we all went to the ground of our college, where we can feel the aftershock but it was a safe place to stay. The earthquake longed lasted for 1 minute, a new kind of sense, one I 'd never experienced before. Feeling my eyes are moving round and round, feeling unconscious, losing our diffident and anxiety spilled over the body. However, teachers were there to support us ,they were providing security ,so no one could have a problem and feel family environment .We started receiving phone calls from our parents, as we were far away from them. It was the moment, where I felt loneliness, though there were my friends and teachers. I haggardly missed my parents at that time. That night we couldn’t sleep, it was the longest night in my 18 year history. The sound of that night used to bother .Next day, we knew that, aftershock that we felt had its epicenter at northeast of Chong dui in Tibet bordering Sindhupalchowk Nepal . The size of earthquakes was 5.7 on the Richter scale. The earthquake gave me an anxiety in my mind, but time has healed that anxiety.…

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