My Trip From The City Of Nepal Essay

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Returning Back

That day, I was excited with lots of happiness that can easily be noticed from my face. The whole reason for such a comfortable happiness was that I was going to meet my parents after living many years in the modern city of Kathmandu. I strived for years to get the enormous warmth of my mum’s love and care as I was living the modern life alone to make my career.
The journey begins as soon as I left the Kathmandu where I lived for almost three years to further my studies. Kathmandu the capital of Nepal, is a very congested city which lies in the lap of mountains. I started my journey along with my best friend Sushanta who wanted to visit my home with me. We decided to go Pokhara by Himalayan metro train. It takes almost one day to reach Pokhara by train. We reached the Kathmandu North train station at 8 o’clock in the morning and found ourselves in the flood of people racing for their tickets to reach their destination. After waiting for almost five minutes in a long queue we finally got our train tickets. The coffee shops inside the train stations were busy serving the people and we decided to have a coffee as we were attracted by the strong smell of coffee. Our body was fully energised with a cup of Nescafe. Seeing the time and platform on the display screen above the ticket counter we rushed to the platform as our train was leaving the station in ten minutes. We reached the platform and waited for the train to reach the platform. We noticed that many…

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